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School Resource Officers perform many roles within their schools. Of the many hats they wear, 3 stand out above the rest. It is called the SRO Triad.

First and foremost is as a law enforcement officer, providing their safety and security expertise to protect students and staff.

Secondly; SROs can draw from their own education, training, and experience to help supplement classroom studies. SROs are often called upon as guest speakers and as subject matter experts in a variety of fields to help expand regular classroom content. 

Finally, as an informal counselor the SRO is another adult with whom students can build rapport, seek advice, and talk to when help is needed. 

School Resource Officers are sworn law enforcement officers, who are primarily assigned to work in a school setting and have specialized training to work with youth.

By interacting with students everyday, SROs can build positive relationships with students and help to promote a climate of safety in the school. SROs work hand in hand with school administrators to help create a safe, inviting learning environment.

executive team

Chris Barrier
Montgomery County Schools
Past President
Sam Wade
Jessamine County Schools
Vice President
James Poynter
Taylor Mill PD
Sgt. At Arms
Scott West
Pulaski County Schools
Wanda Absher
Pulaski County Schools
Educational Advisor
Deanna Ashby
HopkinsCounty Schools
School Safety Advisor
Lee Ann Morrison
Kentucky Center for School Safety
Educational Advisor
Lucy Riffle
Erlanger-Elsmere Schools (Retired)
Training Advisor
Bill Eckler
Department of Criminal Justice Training
Region 1 Rep
Tyrone Gregory
Hopkins County Schools
Bradley McCoy
Nelson County Schools
Region 2 Rep
Becky Franklin
Mount Washington PD
Region 3 Rep
Clint Newton
Nicholasville PD
Region 4 Rep
Tim Gividen
Carroll County
Region 5 Rep
Bill Rudie
Fairview Schools
Region 6 Rep
Josh Hale
Richmond PD
Region 6 Rep
Tyler Brummett
Pulaski County

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A Memorandum of Agreement, or Memorandum of Understanding (MOA/MOU), is an important tool in the development of a School Resource Officer Program within a school district. It serves to outline the roles and responsibilities of the school and the officer in the school safety partnership. They may outline equipment and financial needs and obligations, as well as certain duties to be performed by both parties. Check out these sample MOAs/ MOUs: