What Pepper Spray Really is

Written on September 17, 2014 at 8:04 pm, by Officer

Mace or pepper Spray is a familiar name for OC Spray created from Oleoresin Capsicum. Also referred to as capsicum spray and OC Gas, is a lachrymatory agent. These are chemical compounds and cause pain, tears and possibly temporary blindness. Temporary blindness or this pain provides the user time to escape in case of an assault from alternative creatures or individuals, dogs.

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It had been concurred by the California Police Departments as well as the ACLU that Mace or Pepper Spray needs to be utilized to just incapacitate a person with use of one second blasts. It’s understood there are a number of people which could get drawn-out injury for use but to an acceptable degree this reduces any residual effects by use of one second blasts. Now it’s estimated over 3000 police bureaus use Pepper Spray including Military, the FBI and other Federal Agencies.

After first use of a self defense spray, their eyes involuntarily close and feels a burning our bubbling. Coughing generally follows as well as the person may choke to get a time period. The victim needs to be motivated blink the eyes to cause tearing and to breathe. Water is not going to wash the Pepper Spray deposit off. At all times rubbing of skin and the eyes ought to be prevented and effects are known to continue for as many as four hours. Nevertheless ordinary restoration of dexterity and eyesight of the eyes ought to be anticipated in 7 to a quarter hour.

The response for the ordinary citizen would be to get self defense spray. There are lots of brands and kinds of containers in addition to how the agent disperses. We find Pepper Gel Pepper Spray, Tear Gas, Mace and self defense spray used as a few of the names that are most popular.

Police Pepper Spray Options

Written on September 17, 2014 at 8:00 pm, by Officer

Law enforcement officers are facing a lot of criticism because they are using lethal weapons to subdue a suspect. Fortunately, they can use non-lethal weapons, such as a Taser or pepper spray, which will allow the police officers to subdue the assailants, and arrest them without any fatalities. For most police agencies, there is one type of Taser that they use, which is the latest, Taser brand X26. This product is very reliable and shoots an electric dart into the suspect, which will drop them to the ground without serious harm.

police pepper spray

Another option for police officers is pepper spray. They go through training on how to use it properly. Most are taught to use it in an Z, or X pattern, which starts from the eyes, and goes back and forth to the nose and mouth. Pepper spray effects the persons eyes, nose, and mouth very strongly, so even a little bit of the pepper spray contents will bring the attacker to the ground.

There are a lot of different types of pepper spray, the type that most police officers use is the Police Magnum brand. This police pepper spray delivers a long distance, giving the police officer enough space so that they do not get harmed and can deploy the contents of the canister in a timely fashion. Due to popular demand, the Police Magnum company now makes smaller canisters that civilians can use to keep themselves protected.

The different kinds of canisters are as follows: 24 ounce pistol grip, 16 ounce pistol grip, 4 ounce flip top and 2 ounce flip top. The most popular are the half-ounce key chains which come in either a hard, durable plastic or a leather key chain. Each come in different colors, and most choose the leather ones because they add a little bit of style. The cheapest one shoots up to 10 feet, and has a very hot pepper spray content in it, which will be sure to disable your potential attacker. Make sure that you know your state laws as it is legal in most states but some it is illegal to carry, so know that before you buy it.

I have talked to a few police friends and they easily recommend this brand, so be sure to search for it and buy one for yourself and your loved ones as this will keep them safe.